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+Club VUDU

Puerto Banus 2019

Tipology: Night Club

Built Area: 400 m2

Plot Area: 500 m2

Design of a new Club of 260m2 of premises and 140m2 of terrace in the heart of Puerto Banús. The project is based on organic forms, playing with the areas of benches and stairs and giving a great role to vegetation, which is present both inside and outside the premises, even recreating with the pergolas of the terrace, in the form of large leaves.

The textures and the lighting are played with, creating translucent planes where one can sense but not see what is on the other side, as in the bar and in the bathrooms, the latter conceived as a small world of bubbles and reflections.

Inside, the main element is the DJ station, which is born from the floor and ceiling like a large central sculpture that configures the space inside the premises.

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