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After developing their professional careers separately Chema Sobrado and Alvaro Estuñiga joined forces in 2017 to consolidate all this background under the name Archidom Studio. Today the studio is the meeting place where architects, designers, creatives, technicians and consultants work on the development of unique projects that reflect the philosophy of the office.

Under a multidisciplinary approach of an architecture influenced by the Mediterranean essence that the partners keep after living in countries like England, China or Spain and having developed projects all over the world, the studio integrates diverse competences of architecture; design, engineering, construction and real estate development among other segments of the business unit.

Archidom Studio also has extensive experience in the development of the different phases involved in the projects.  From conceptual design at an international level, architecture and quality design, cost control and extensive knowledge in the constructive development of the project.

Archidom Studio maintains a highly personal level of service during the design process and offers solid technical and structural solutions through which the client maintains close collaboration with engineering, construction and other suppliers.

Typically, the design of our projects is carried out by a small, close-knit team, with the core team handling the development from concept to delivery, which creates a much more dynamic and controllable process for both project managers and clients.

Archidom Studio is a versatile team that adapts to projects on a diverse scale and has in the selection and use of local materials a distinctive feature to achieve a harmonious dialogue with the surrounding environment, in order to generate a mutual empowerment.

We believe that planning and fully integrated solutions will ensure the long-term outcome and success of the project.

We like to work with people who believe in their idea and the desire to see it crystallized, but who also trust that it can be perfected by the hand of a unique architecture, for this reason, we supervise the entire project process until the delivery of the project. We want to be sure that the objective of our clients is fully met. This will lead us to be better every day and to make better buildings both in quality and in cost and time.

Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA de la Junta de Andalucía por un importe de 18.766,50 € cofinanciado en un 80% por la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional FEDER para la realización del proyecto “DIGITALIZACION DE PROCESOS INTERNOS PARA MEJORA DEL NEGOCIO” con el objetivo de garantizar un mejor uso de las tecnologías de la información.