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THE I/O| 21


Marbella. 2021

Tipology: Luxury Gym

Extension: 1670m2

Developer: privado

The I/O club has been design with the purpose of bringing the Mediterranean style to a trendy and new concept workout gym.

Taking into account its privilege location close to the beach, the gym is separe into 2 different áreas.

The exterior gym wants to motivate the client to the fitness taking the advantage of the climatology in Marbella. The environment of this places full of vegetation transmit the idea to be in the middle of an oasis inside the location where the Sandy colours remind the sea coast.

On the interior parts, a central place articulate the space for general training and entrance to different áreas.

Some of the classes where focused in integrate motivational environments and luxury. Here the diferente lighting and the game with wood and elegant finishes make the difference .

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