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Tipology: Unifamiliar exenta

Ocupacion: 400 m2

Built Area: 1.001 m2

Developer: Privado

Villa Afrodita is the first of the 7 villas of a private development located in the resin golf urbanization in Estepona.

The plot has eight meters of elevation from the street level to the adjacent golf course.
One of the main ideas was with a groundbreaking design in the area to be able to differentiate itself from all the adjacent buildings, constructive sincerity is also sought by showing the materials as they are and always looking for nature and the organic.

The villa is developed in three different heights in the basement area where we would have recreational area, facilities and a room. The access would be through the ground floor where the common areas such as kitchen, dining room and living room would be. And the upper area where the rooms are.

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