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+Bulla Restaurant

Madrid 2019

Tipology: Restaurant

Built Area: 300 m2

Plot Area: 400 m2

Design of a restaurant and a discotheque in a 3-storey building in one of the best areas of the centre of Madrid.

In this premises a complete reform and decoration is carried out. Natural textures are applied to its walls, recreating them with lime cement, to give them an organic touch. The wood is very present in all its surface, with different uses and textures, from wall coverings to the furniture, this last one also contributes its natural touch to the space, in which even the lamps evoke elements of the nature, and it is supplemented with some coverings, the cushions, the lighting, where every element is part of the set in the suitable way, and where vegetation also acquires an important role in the project, being present in different zones sharing the protagonism with the rest of elements.

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