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Marbella 2015

Tipology: Beach Club

GFA: 305 m2

Extension: 2.457 m2


Located in the heart of Puerto Banus, in Levante Beach we started from the impositions marked by local regulations in which the structure of the existing building could not be altered.

The essence of the project is to recover the values of the sea and the port, that is why, we think of a skin based on pressed almond shell as a wrap. This skin makes a direct nod to the nets used in fishing. This wink is reinforced with the military fabrics we use to shade the terraces and the Cocktel bar.

Where the shadow is reinforced is with fabrics stretched to the masts reminiscent of the sails of the ships.
The wooden boards stripped for the floor and the lining of the tower are in direct communion with the wood of the traditional boats.

The upholstery type Sunbrella and in white color makes the entire complex related to the white of Puerto Banus.

Levante Beach Banus -
Levante Beach Banus -
Levante Beach Banus -
Levante Beach Banus -
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