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Benalmádena 2015

Tipology: Restaurante Bar

Extension: 497 m2

Built Area: 344 m2

Located in the Puerto Deportivo de Benalmadena, the idea of a terrace has been enhanced without becoming one. A cover has been created that can remind the ribs of the hulls of the ships just before being paneled with the staves.

The industrial style sought by the customer at all times is relaxed by a tree of the ficus family from which the spaces are organized.

The furniture especially taken care of and designed as the circular bench that hugs and covers the ficus and its high tables.

As for the materials, the industrial style that is breathed in every corner is complemented by more glamorous materials such as marble for bar bars and table tops and velvet for upholstery. It is worth noting the nickel-plated corrugated sheet that serves as a lining for the bar and which makes us a transition between the golden veining of the Noir marble and the steel plates cut from the bottle racks and suspended ceilings.

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